About Indie Flare

Indie Flare is a collective of talented and visually creative individuals that come together to produce beautiful images, as well as cinematic films. 

Having filmed and photographed weddings all over the Las Vegas area as well as various parts of California over the last 5+ years, we continue our passion for creating images and cinema that keep our clients coming back for more. At Indie Flare, we continuously push the envelope for creativity and are never afraid to try new ideas.  

We believe that what helps us stand out in a fast-paced and growing industry is our relationships with our clients. We stay close with our clients and have even built life-long friendships with some of them. In an industry that is always growing and changing, we believe that making a great impression is key to having a successful business. We make sure to treat every client, no matter the budget, like Kings and Queens!  

Ultimately, our goal is to set a fantastic expectation and meet that said expectation with flying colors. We may be young artists, but with the amount of experience we have in the film industry, age is just a number. Let us show you what we're made of!